Top Pick Family Kit
A bangin kit!
26cm (10") (10pcs/slv)
10 pieces per pack.
TGI Pyro Cake
3 shots: Green tail to red and green stars.3 shots: Red tail to blue stars with white strobing stars.3 shots: Green tail to green stars and crackling chrysanthemums
Light Up The Night Gift Card
Give the gift of fire this holiday season with Proud West Pyro gift card
from $10.00
5 Shooter Roman Candle
Multicoloured stars.
Ground spinner with red light.
Fragmented COMING SOON!
Multicoloured crossettes for a big colourful effect.
Lay Down The Law - Family kit
Laying Down the Law Assortment of Vulcan Fireworks: Noise Makers2 x Shotgun ShellVulcan AirbombCherry BombBombshellsSnapping DragonFountains2 x Carmel Fountain - MulticolorBengal Fire Fountain - RedBengal Fire Fountain - GreenBarragesBasket Of CherryOcean MistRoman Candles2 x 10 Ball Roman Candle
30cm (12") (10pcs/slv)
10 pieces per pack.
New for 2020! 6 shots gold tail to red peony with crackling.6 shots red tail to golden crown with crackling.6 shots green tail to gold palm with white glittering stars.6 shots gold tail to gold palm with white glittering stars.6...
Red/green tails to red/green peonies with white glittering stars. Red tails to blue peonies and crackling stars.
Flash Flicker Flare Box
Mystical cake box.
Rising spicy red comet.
Blue stars to gold glittering mines bursting to brocades with blue stars.
Super Sorry
Gold waves to Red/Purple peonies.
Blue Tails to white strobing Red stars. Green tails to timed rain.
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