10 Ball Roman Candle
Shoots multicolour neon balls.
Cherry Bomb 4 Pack!
Loud aerial detonation with titanium burst. 4 PACK
Saturn Ring
Multicolored stars with whistles.
70cm (28") (8pcs/slv)
8 pieces per pack.
50cm (20") (8pcs/slv)
8 pieces per pack.
Magic Pumpkin
White chrysanthemums with coloured stars & flowers. Face flashes at the end.
50 Shot Strobing Missiles
Rising rails and flashing tracer rounds.
Smiley Face Fountain
Crackling aqua stars.
Systems Breach
Alternating shots of brocade crowns with white strobing stars and Silver/Purple waves to crackling chrysanthemums.
$47.99 $46.99
Brocade crown waterfalls of awesome!!
$47.99 $46.99
Rising gold comets.Rising gold tail that bursts to a gold willow.Rising silver comets.Rising gold tail that bursts to a white palm.Rising crackling comets.Rising gold tail that burst to crackling stars
Night Terror
36 Shots18 Shots of red tail to a starburst of a red pistil with white glittering stars,18 Shots of green Tail to a starburst of red pistil with green glittering stars.
Little Big Shot
shoots 9 wicked shots.
New for 2020! 6 shots gold tail to red peony with crackling.6 shots red tail to golden crown with crackling.6 shots green tail to gold palm with white glittering stars.6 shots gold tail to gold palm with white glittering stars.6...
Big Bubba
Whistles and peonies
All Dressed
Green/Purple/Blue Silver tails to silver palm pistil with Green/Purple/Blue/Crackling stars. Red tails with silver palm crackling pistil with red stars.
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