Firecracklers (72 pack)
Spins on ground with red and green sparks & crackles.
Green glitter willow mines. Gold glitter wave mines. White glittering willow mines. Timed rain mines.
Air Bomb
Loud aerial detonation.
All Blue Cake
Cherry Bomb
Loud aerial detonation with titanium burst.
Crackle Jacks (6 pack)
Color changing ground spinner with crackle effects.
Light Up The Night Gift Card
Give the gift of fire this holiday season with Proud West Pyro gift card
from $10.00
Saturn Wheel
Shower of spinning sparks.
EG18 High Output Smoke
The EG18 High Output Smoke bomb is the largest in the series, with a 90-second burn duration. Similar to military-grade smoke bombs, this makes for an excellent smokescreen. Ideal for paintball, airsoft, photography, videography and can also be used underwater for unique...
Dead Ringer
Mine of times rain to red tails to timed rain. Fanned.
Whistling Mini Airbomb (6pk)
Loud aerial detonation with report.
Tazmanian Devil (6 pack)
Spins on ground emitting shower of sparks.
Jumping Jacks (6 pack)
3 colours. Spins on the ground emitting shower of sparks.
Jackpot Fountain
Repeating fountain of colour, crackle and whistles.
All Crackle
All colour cakes.
Great White Shark
Gold tails to Red/Yellow/Green/Gold/Silver flying fish.
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