Multicolour titanium flowers with chrysanthemums & stars.
Smiley Face Fountain
Crackling aqua stars.
Roman Theatre
Multicolour effects including fountains, stars, crackling, sparkling, whistles & flashing.
Sold Out
Powder Keg Fountain
Red/purple/orange fountains to stars & crackling.
Night Cat
Silver chrysanthemum withmulticoloured stars & crackling. Ends with whistles, flashing eyes & green flames out of mouth.
Magic Pumpkin
White chrysanthemums with coloured stars & flowers. Face flashes at the end.
Ghostly Delight
Multicoloured fountains with stars, chrysanthemums, whistles, crackling & sparkles.
Sold Out
Fan Tail
Fan Tail
Multicoloured spiders, sparkles, stars & chrysanthemums.
Canada Fountain
Silver chrysanthemums with red/green/silver/yellow stars. Flashes O' Canada at the end.
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